Quick pace of life, stress, working long hours.... the last thing you want to consider of, is what to wear. Certainly it is very important to have an attentive look in every moment of your life, whether professional or personal. If you follow some tips, will make your daily routine 'what to wear today' much more easy.

Organise your wardrobe: If your job requires an official look organise your wardobe, place the suits and shirts for work in one side and casual clothes at the other. Be sure to match your clothes on hangers in sets, in order to avoid looking every morning with what shirt to match your pants.

Do not buy unrelated pieces that  you can't match any other of your clothes, they most likely end up in the back of your closet. Before you go shopping take a look at your wardrobe and buy clothes & accessories that you need to complete a set.

Be sure to renew two times a year your wardrobe with new pieces. You can always combine your new trendy fashionable clothes with all time classic pieces and always looks stylish.
The secret is to '' invest '' in some clothes all time classic and not give a fortune to clothes very modern, as they quickly go out of fashion and the next season will look old-fashioned.

Finally the most important '' accessories '' for men  are shoes, make sure they are always clean and tidy because it is one of the first things a woman looks on you!

Editor  Millenniumshop Team